Demo 1​/​20​/​15

by mat frisbee

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released January 20, 2015



all rights reserved


mat frisbee Chicago, Illinois

shitty music for shitty people


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Track Name: another excuse
this is killing me
this is killin me
i just wanted
you to know

that i am sorry
i said i am sorry
what more can i say
what more can i say

please don’t walk away
please don’t walk away
i know
ive made some big mistakes

i don’t want to leave it this way
i don’t want to leave it this way
i just want to stay
you’d rather stay away

this is killing me
this is killin me
does it matter
Track Name: catatonic living
I'm not cold so why am I shaking
im not drowning so why can’t i breath
and god knows im not mute
so why can’t i speak

my throat is dry
my mouth can’t mouth
i can’t talk to you
i can’t talk to you

my eyes won’t blink
my arms can’t reach
to hold you
to hold you

catatonicly living
its better than nothing at all
vowel spilling out of my mouth
can’t get my point across

my lips are chapped
scarred and sore
from speaking
from speaking

my hands are numb
calloused and bruised
from loving
from hating
Track Name: comfortably quiet
Looking out

it was a thursday afternoon
when i decided to see you
i did not know what was in store
as i walked through your door

in silence

Just quiet

My body moving in shivers
We were talking in whispers
As I held

You smiled and looked at me
Asking what was I thinking
I looked at


In silence

Just quiet

No need
For talk
Just pleasantly quiet
Track Name: false prophet
i know it may be a challenge
i haven’t talked to you in years
but i really need your help now
im alone and im scared

i don’t know where im going
i don’t know whats next
but as every seconds inches closer
the rope tightens around my neck

they said if i asked you’d answer
but im not seeing any signs
if this is just a god-damned con
then you’re no god-damned god of mine

you had me down on my knee’s
beggin like a dog
if thats what we are to you
who are we to tell you you’re wrong

so if you come to my door
asking if ill follow you once more
you’ll have to answer to my queries
you’ll have to genuflect to me